Air Combat using miniature models
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Rules of Engagement
Mustangs WWII
Flying Circus
MIG Alley Ace
Golden Age Air Racing
Paul Hannah's B-24 Liberator photographed by David Sullivan (Collectair)
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Navwar Mig 29 Painted by Phil Bardsley. Photo by David Sullivan
Collectair F4F Wildcat, Painted Phil Bardsley. Photo David Sullivan
The original board game is out of print, but can still be found occasionally on ebay or by searching the web for copies.
Here is a MS Word version of the rules for miniatures, with the addition of the optional rules feature in "The General", Vol.30, No.5. 
If you do not have MS Word, an MS Word Viewer, which will allow you to print the file can be found here. 
MS Word Viewer
Flying Circus
Air Combat During the Great War
By David Schueler
Flying Circus is a quick and easy World War I air combat game covering air combat from 1915 through 1918. Based on Avalon Hill’s Mustangs game.
Flying Circus MS WORD 350KB
Flying Circus PDF 279KB
MIG Alley Ace
Early Jet Air Combat
By David Schueler
MiG Alley Ace is a quick and easy jet air combat game pre missile air combat from 1945.
MIG Alley Ace MS WORD 525KB
MIG Alley Ace PDF 284KB
Air Combat in the Missile Age
By Dave Schueler

Phantoms is a quick and easy modern air combat game covering air combat from 1960 to the present. 
Phantoms MS WORD 145KB
Aircraft Charts MS WORD 907KB
Phantoms PDF 99KB
Aircraft Charts PDF 213KB

The main Mustangs WWII rules are the rules from the original board game converted for miniatures. There are a couple of very minor changes from the original rules the exact details of which I no longer remember. 

To play the game, apart from the aircraft models, you will also need a cloth with large hexagons marked on it, aircraft stands and counters to mark the maneuvers your aircraft are performing. See links to the left.

David Schueler's rules expand on the basic game with some very innovative suggestions for expanding the Mustangs concept into different periods. Of particular note are the rules that allow for more and precise control of altitude changes without slowing game play or altering the flavor of the original games. For those gamers that prefer to stick with WWII battles, we recommend that you view MIG Alley Ace and consider converting their altitude mechanics back into the original rules.