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Bombers for Mustangs WWII
Anti Aircraft Rules
German A4M Rocket Rules
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Golden Age of Air Racing
Phil Bardsley's 1/300th H8K Emily Flying boat. (Collectair) Photos bay David Sullivan
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Paul Hannah's HE219 Night Fighter. A 1/300th Navwar, photo by David Sullivan
Savoia Marchetti SM.81 bomber in Spanish Nationalist markings. (Navwar 1/300) photo by David Sullivan
Phil Bardsley's Soviet SU-27 jet. (Navwar 1/300) Photo by David Sullivan
Add bombers to mustangs with these simple modifications from 
Paul Hannah and Dave Scheuler
These simple modifications allow you to provide targets for the fighter aircraft that Mustangs was originally designed for. This opens up endless possibility fro additional scenarios. The rules are simple and provide for abstract defensive fire, keeping the play simple and allowing a single player - or the umpire, to control may aerial targets for your fighters.
Original Bomber rules MS Word 
131 KB
Slightly Modified Version 2 MS Word 167 KB
Rules Formatted Original Version
Same format as the original rules, 
on the rules page. 28 KB
Anti Aircraft Rules and Bombing
Add ground fire and bombing runs to Mustangs. These rules by 
David Scheuler
add a new dimension to ground attack missions.
Anti Aircraft and bombing 
Rules MS Word 76 KB
German A4M Air-to-Air Rockets
by Paul A. Hannah
Small numbers of German planes, especially the Me-262 jets, began to carry salvoes of unguided air-to-air rockets in wooden, underwing racks in the waning months of WW-2. 
These simple rules attempt to reflect their use in MUSTANGS games. 
German A4M MS Word 24 KB
Golden Age of Air Racing

Coming Soon

Musings from the Yahoo Air-Pirates E-Group.

Brief bursts: 
For Experienced or Ace pilots. 1/2 ammo box for 1/2 GF

Point blank: 
If the firing plane is not slower than the 
target and is firing from adjacent hex, roll a die prior to resolving fire. On a "six" or better, the firer has 
succeeded in closing to point blank. Double the GF.

Firer rolls 2 dice for each hit and choosing one as the actual hit location. 

Slow Firing Weapons
Limit the slow firing, low muzzle velocity weapons to a range of one hex only (rifle caliber MGs should also be considered for this limit).