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Collectair 1/300th Brewster Buffalo painted by Ian Croxall
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Collectair 1/300th Zero painted by Ian Croxall
Reviresco 1/144th Pfaltz DIII painted by John McEwan
Paul Hannah's 1/300th Collectair Etendard. Photo by David Sulivan
Phil Bardsley's 1/300th Collectair SU27. Photo by David Sullivan

What you will find on this site
Mustangs: WWII miniatures version of the rules.
Flying Circus: WWI Rules
Mig Alley Ace: Korean War rules
Phantoms: The age of air-to-air missiles.
Data Cards for most WWII aircraft:
WWII Bomber Rules:
Anti Aircraft Rules:
Naval Rules:
Mustangs Squadrons:
Reviews of Models
Tips, advice and help.
If you are an air combat wargamer, or have an interest in finding out how to play fun and exciting games with aircraft models, we hope this site will be of interest to you. Whether you want to pit a Luftwaffe  Messerschmitt 109 against an RAF Spitfire in the battle of Britain, or lock your Harriers Sidewinder onto the tail of an Argentinean Skyhawk in the Falkland Sound you should find all you need on this site.
Join the AIR-PIRATES Yahoo group. This e-group is loosely devoted to the "MUSTANGS" air combat game, but any aviation related wargaming or air racing topic is open for discussion. 
The 1/300th aircraft models Collectair 1/300th Stuka painted by Ian Croxallare available from various sources, but the market is dominated by three main manufacturers.
Reviresco 1/144th Albatross D2 Painted by John McEwanWorld War 1 Aircraft, being a little smaller in size can be found in the slightly larger scale of 1/144th and a good source for these is
Who also produce a 1/144th scale WWII line - as well as many other wargaming figures.
While there are those incredibly talented modelers that can paint the serial number on the tail of their aircraft, many of us resort to a bit of help when it comes to aircraft insignia. There are a number of sources for waterslide decals, some of which are linked from the model manufacturers above - but here are a few sites dedicated to decals.
Mike Grant Decals:
I-94 Enterprises:
Mustang is a board game published by Avalon Hill Games. It presents a set of simple mechanics to fight aerial combat on a two dimensional game board. The game is now out of production, but does still show up in games stores.

Mustangs miniatures is a version of that board game, turned into a 3 dimensional wargame utilizing 1/300th scale model aircraft. 

There are several minor variations of the game including WW1, Korean and Modern air-to-air missile combat versions of the game.

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