The town is guarded to the north west by the shores of the Atlantic ocean. The south westerly approach is is rugged hilly ground and the Germans have little defenses here. The North east is bordered by the jail and an old Moorish entrance way.
To the south west is the foothills, where the Sheriff of Wazam and the Raisuli's men lie in wait for first light.

The Germans awaken in the cool light of the dawn and begin to man their defenses. 


The remains of the old village walls provide some barrier and an old casbah that has been ramped by dirt is heavily defended by a maxim gun (a third 7.7cm gun in the movie).
Captain Jerome and Mrs. Pedecaris, with a platoon of US marines, leave the room they have used for the night and begin their nervous walk down the main street of the village. 
The Germans, occupying the town in force with their Moroccan allies,  look on nervously as the marines walk through the town.
The German commander of the Jail, responsible for the return of the Raisuli, and his command become alert at their sand bag parapet as the Americans approach.