The Amazing Adventures of the
Here are the links to the photographic essays of our table top miniatures battles. Please select the banner on the left to be take to each game.

The desperate struggle of two isolated aircrews cut off in downtown Mogadishu. The various warring factions of Mogadishu have been roused by a warring Dervish tribe from the North East. The disparate tribes hold a meeting in Mogadishu to determine the best way to rid themselves of the Italian occupation troops.

Any resemblance to a current movie, is purely coincidental.

German Kamerun at the end of the 19th Century. 
This is an early adventure from the life of Colonel Kurtz, a renegade German, formerly of the French Foreign Legion, Force Publique and Mercenary. Kurtz's dominance of a hill, overlooking a river used by the Germans in their advance into the interior has prompted an attack of Kurtz's realm.

French West Africa 1912 
The Tukulor Empire has been defeated these past 12 years. The French Sudan is relatively quiet, and the Shadow's attentions have turned south through the desert and into the Sahel region of the  Sudan and the new colonial  administration there. An uprising is fermenting, and the French are totally unsuspecting.

El Zahiras brother is rotting away at the Jail in Abu El   Shagbahg.The infidels have stained our land long enough with their unwanted infestation. The Sultan is nothing but a puppet of their ungodly ways. More and more foreigners are degrading our peoples.  A storm of change is blowing across the desert sands.

The Fort is weak, the French are bringing supplies from Tangiers,their force is divided. Now is the time to strike! Jihad!

After the battle of Abu El Shagbahg El Zahira is convinced that with a little more effort he can overwhelm the fort for a total victory. His plan now is for a short reorganization of the local tribes and a swift re-strike at Abu El Shagbahg and the French Fort les Miserable. 

Tunisia 1913: Major Etienne Dufus has been summoned to Ben Geroot on the Tunisian / Libyan border at the bequest of Minister Truffle. Dufus has arrived in Tunis by steamer with the Red Shadow.

A notable leader of the Mojahidine Guerilla forces in Libya, Omar El Muhki, has been captured while hiding over the border from Libya at Ben Geroot. Italy has demanded his return and the French Government has acceded to their request on the condition it is done quietly near the border.  Italy is to pay a sum of 67,000 francs for his return and Minister Truffles' aide Saul Derriere is to attend the hand over.  The Mojahidine have other intentions reagrding the exchange.

Morocco 1903. Out of indigo shadows on the Mediterranean, a small force of elite French and German Marines in long boats silently rows into the port of Mogador, pirate capitol of the Moroccan coast. A sun baked hell hole by day, Mogador is the lair of the infamous brigand Emir Ali who fancies himself the next Bashaw of Morocco.

The Franco German force are intent on liberating a German diplomat, kidnapped by Ali. The Germans and French distrust each other and have their own agendas. The Moroccan government are also in the race to rescue the prisoner, to prove to the world that they dont need foreign intervention.

Morocco 1902.  Eden Pedecaris and her two children have been kidnapped by the Berber Chieftain El Raisuli. He is angered that the Sultan is entertaining foreign governments and weakening to their manipulation. I an attempt to embarrass the Sultan, El Raisuli has kidnaped the American expatriate and taken her to his mountain stronghold in the Riff. 

President Roosevelt, up for election, has demanded the return of Pedecaris with his election slogan "Pedecaris alive, or Raisuli dead".  A detachment of US Marines has landed at Tangiers harbor and overthrown the local government of the Bashaw of Tangiers and are demanding the return of Pedecaris.

To save face with the Americans the Sultan has sent German troops to a small village south west of Rabat on the coast in an attempt to pay a large ransom for the American woman.  He has however, hatched a plot to double cross the Berber Warlord and capture him at the exchange. 

The Further Adventures of Major Henri de Beaujolais and the Red Shadow. 
De Beaujolais is faced with his most important mission to date. This time it is not gloire française that is to be served but the passions of his heart and the honor of his family name. 

 Madeleine Van den Burg, the beautiful American heiress, and stealer of de Beaujolais' heart is captive of the vile Emir Muwlai Ali ben Mustafa  Safana el Azag and de Beaujolais is to blame. Can he put together a rescue mission and leberate her from El Azag's harem?