Tensions are high and every one is nervous. 

The Germans and Americans face each other off for a few minutes until Mrs. Pedecaris speaks up and demands the release of the Raisuli. The German commander shouts back at her. She explains, with rising pitch that President Roosevelt negotiated for his release in good faith and that by capturing him they were breaking the presidents word. 

Again the German commander starts shouting back  at her in German. Everyone is getting agitated, the standoff is getting dangerous. The German commander of the Jail steps up and pushes Mrs. Pedecaris back and one of the marines opens fire.
The Germans and Americans exchange a number of rounds with each other and each take a few casualties. 
The Americans out number the Germans at the sandbag wall and manage to push up to the gate of the jail very quickly.The Germans on the ramped casbah to their right begin rushing back into the town at the sound of the firing
The Sheriff of Wazam starts his headlong charge across 800 metes of open ground. The Germans are called back to the roof of the Casbah by Major Faust who immediately sees the Berber charge coming from the foot hills.

The Germans have a 7.7 cm gun near the Moorish entrance way on the north west side which they immediately push through 

and turn to confront the on rushing horde. 
The second gun, near the arch way is in a state of confusion and doesn't know whether to move up and face the Berber hordes or turn and fire on the Americans who are storming the Jail.