At the jail, Mrs. Pedecaris distinguishes herself in combat against the Bashaw's troops who are guarding the Raisuli there.

The Americans secure the jail and are holed up in there firing from within at the German troops who are defending against the massive charge from the Berbers. 


Mrs. Pedecaris finds the  Raisuli, hanging by his ankles and manages to cut him down.

She hands him the shotgun she has been using

He bids her farewell, "I'll see you again Mrs. Pedecaris, when we're both like golden clouds on the wind".

Realizing that she will never see him again she needs all her will to maintain her composure.

The Raisuli makes his way outside the jail. Very few Germans are in sight now, having run to the main wall to fend off the Berber charge that is almost on top of them.

The 7.7cm gun that the Germans have pushed through the village entrance way is staring down the throats of the Berbers charging along the side of the jail.

Firing case, and inflicting quite a number of casualties, the Germans get off several rounds. The Berber's morale holds out and they fall upon the gun dispatching its defenders.
Not being able to figure out the sights, the Berbers open the breech and load a shell and fire it unsighted. Pushing it back through the entrance way they face off down length of the village main way at the German held 7.7cm gun. A duel quickly starts up with the two guns firing at each other. The Berbers get off an incredibly luck shot of HE which manages to flip the German gun onto its back.
The Berbers immediately abandon their prize and remount. 

At the same time the frontal charge has reached the main village side walls and rolls over it barely slowing to lop off a few pickelhaubers, complete with contents, as they leap over the wall and storm the perimeter of the village.


As the Berbers flood into the village as the Raisuli is hacking his way to the main assault.

Attempting to use his shotgun he finds it out of amunition, but encounters little impediment at the blade of  his scimitar as he nears the safety of the attacking Sheriff.

Major Faust sees the approaching Berber chieftain and takes aim with his pistol. 

Being a Prussian officer and gentleman, he sees no chivalry in taking down a man armed with a sword.

Holstering his pistol, he draws his own sword and engages the Raisuli in personal combat amongst the wool dyeing frames at the back of the village.
Major Faust is over powered by the Raisuli, but showing that he too is a chivalrous man, he also spares the life of his opponent.
The Germans defeated, the Raisuli mounts the vanquished Faust's horse and rides throughout the village and off towards the Riff.

The Battle has been a disaster for the Germans and brought embarrassment upon the Makhzan who have been unable to bring this brigand to his knees.


Mrs. Pedecaris is returned to safety, Captain Jerome receives his government's accolades and a purple heart, and Theodore Roosevelt wins his Election. The Sultan is eventually overthrown by his brother who is in turn is overthrown then replaced by the French. The Germans?,  well they give up their aspirations in the region after nearly managing to get WW1 off to an early start with several confrontations over Morocco.

The Raisuli becomes virtual Bashaw of the Casablanca region and is finally defeated in a civil strife by Abd El Krim, the next rising star of Berber independence ... but that's another story.

Oh!, and if you're wondering what the Red Shadow was doing  during all this, he was riding with the Sheriff of Wazam so he could report back on the Raisulis efforts to de stabilize the Moroccan government, something that the French desire as giving a pretext for invading and setting up a protectorate.