The Adventures of 
the Red Shadow
South of the Sahara


14.As the Berserk unit charges up the stairs of the building, next to the train, Bigglau passes back over the station. Seeing the charge Bilge passes over the charge and banks steeply, Maurice de Perdu leans out with his rifle (it was decided in the scenario rules, that Perdu would only hit on D20 roll of "1", and that only "leader cards" would cause casualties) and takes his 1:280 shot at the leading warrior of the chargers. 
To the amazement of all, the charging leader drops dead in his tracks and rolls back down the stairs
The charge falters. The train crew on top of the building hold off the charge, taking one casualty, a sailor, in the process. The advancing marines to the rear of the berserkers pour fire into the rear of the charge until its momentum dissolves.
 In the center, the machine gun gets into full swing, and momentum of the Tukulor Ghosts is brought to a halt.

The remaining warriors leave the filed of battle.
Somewhere in the middle of the battle, the Bambara camel train was able to sneak through the buildings and leave the filed. They took no casualties and lost no camels.

The French were not so lucky.

The Results.

The French player was not told the victory conditions prior to the start of the game. His mission was self-evident. To protect French interests lives and property in the region. The French mission was to maintain credibility. The politicians back home would decide if the action was a disaster or not and what the politicians thought was often at a variance with the thoughts of the military.

The Tukulor are also not told of what specific things they need to do to inspire a new Jihad and an uprising against the French their mission is simply to cause death and mayhem.

So, this was the method of victory calculation.

The French start the game with 100% credibility in the region. Loss of lives and property would reduce credibility from 100%. 

If credibility remained higher than 75%, this action would be an outstanding success for the French

If that credibility at the game was at 75% or less, it was a minor French Victory. 

If credibility dropped to 50% or less, it was considered a notable Tukulor success, French Heads will Roll.

If credibility dropped to 25% or less, the New Mhadi has arrive, the French are crushed and a major uprising starts in French West Africa.

These are the factors that determine loss of credibility.
Result Percentage Lost These were the results for this game

Train Destroyed -25%
Five French Soldiers killed -10%
One French Officer killed -3%
One Senegalese leader killed -2%
Eight Senegalese soldiers killed -8%
Two French civilians killed -2%
French Woman Killed -2%

RESULTS: French Credibility reduced to

and a notable Tukulor success, but French
will recover, and the resistance does not 

Incidentally, this game was played once 
before this resulting in an Outstanding 
French Success with a virtual destruction 
of the Tukulor.

It was again played at Enfilade 2000, resulting in
the destruction of the Train, Aeroplane, 
Telephone system and many French Dead - 
a crushing French Defeat.

Differing tactics were used each time, with 
differing results.

Train Destroyed
Aircraft Destroyed
Phone poles destroyed
(cut down at least one pole)
Commissariat Sacked
Dock Building Sacked
Each French Officer Killed
Each French Soldier Killed
Each Senegalese Leader Killed
Each Senegalese Soldier killed
Each Camel captured 
(disruption of local commerce)
Each Civilian Woman Killed 
Each Civilian Man Killed
Small boat destroyed
Large boat destroyed