The Adventures of 
the Red Shadow
South of the Sahara


1. As the Tirailleurs pass the ambush, the Tukulor Ghosts draw their first blood with a fusillade that drops two of the Tirailleurs in their tracks and seriously wounds a third. Shocked and confused, the target of the ambush attempts to return fire but are unable to cause any damage. 

The ambush is sprung too soon though and in the quiet of the dawn, the departing Marines hear the gunfire and turn around to head back down stream to Segu.

3. The Ghosts to the west of the Bambara huts pour down to the riverbank to pour fire onto the returning Marine boats. In their enthusiasm they neglect, to their dismay, the basking Hippos. Causing only a couple of minor wounds on the Marines, the Ghosts firepower is directed towards their immediate threat –the charging hippos. The Marines continue barely hindered.
4. Lieutenant Bigglau is immediately alerted by the gunfire behind the station and realizes the safest place for their aeroplane is in the air. They awaken the engineers to start the engine and man the redoubt but as they approach the machine they are confronted with a hoard of charging cavalry that are approaching from the west.
5. The Train is trying desperately to build up enough steam to depart Segu station in the wake of the attack. Its passengers don't wait around however, and after entering the charges from the station, immediately alight on the other side and head for the perceived safety of the building next to the fort. 
Even though the train is not up to full steam pressure yet, its front mounted rapid-fire cannon is immediately engaged on the charging horse heading down the tracks. 
As the canister shot finds its mark, the gunners are immediately concerned that the falling horses might block the rails – something that had not crossed their minds until it was too late.  Fortunately the horse carcasses fell to the sides and the charging unit veered to the side in an attempt to avoid the gun.