Cecil B. Romero.

Some of the actual camera footage shot by the famed Italian director at the 
Battle of El Salami,
Libya 1913

After having dropped off the minister, Governor and women, Rigollini has returned in his auto to lend what further assistance he can to the dwindling ranks of the legion square, who's casualties now include a wounded Etienne Dufus and Saul Derriere. The French Mission is going terribly, and the only thoughts on their mind is of survival. Omar El Muhki, their prisoner is also brought down in the cross fire by a fatal shot to the head. 
After veering off from their attack on the camera position, the Mujahidine horsemen bear down on the remnants of the Legion square. At the square, Rigollini has returned and offers to evacuate the seriously wounded Dufus and Deriere in exchange for the body of El Muhki.
The Furious French, angry at the Italians for not advancing out of El Salami, reluctantly agree. 
Back in Ben Geroot, another section of Mujahidine has surrounded the building containing the Bat' D'Aff troops who are prevented from doing anything but defend themselves. The Tunisians, however, under Mustafa Bier, realize the French situation is critical and sally forth from the town. 
A hidden group of Arab swordsmen have been waiting for just such an opportunity and descend upon the Tunisians as soon as they emerge from the protection of the town. This does, however, provide an opportunity for the remnants of the Sailor platoons to limp into town. The Tunisians get off few inaccurate volleys before they are fell upon by the swordsmen and cut to shreds, Mustafa Bier himself being seriously wounded and left for dead on the side of the road. Today is just not the day for the French Forces. 
The other section of Arab horse, that split away earlier, now bear down on the few remaining sailors and tunisians, forcing them back through town.  With the Bat' D'Aff held up in one building, the Arabs run amok throughout Ben Geroot and carry off supplies and weapons. 
As most of the Arabs on the central hill begin to withdraw, the Horsemen threatening the Legion square give one last charge, pushing it back onto the vacated hill in the center inflicting a few more casualties. 
Their attack brings them down onto to the Italian MG car, who's ammo is now seriously depleted and in a final act of battle, the car is wrecked and its crew killed. The last of the Arabs threatening El Salami pull back, their repeated charge attempts on the perimeter of 
El Salami have been beaten back by determined rifle fire form the Italians. El Salami, is safe, the Minister, Governor and the women were safely returned to the Governors house, where they watched the battle from the safety of the roof. The Italians and their Askaris were successfully kept in El Salami by the threat from the hill and also by odd skirmish attacks from the south of the town which were beaten back by rifle fire from the Askaris. 
The battle resulted in a major victory for the Italians, who kept their ransom, and recovered El Muhki, who, although dead, was still strung up from the gallows in the town square later that day. They also were now in possession of some incredible camera footage, that demonstrated the 
superiority of Italian firepower and tactics. They also gained the political prestige earned through the daring rescue of the French Officers and dignitary that could hardly be down played by the French as it had all been caught on film.

The Mujahidine, who, although they didn't secure the release of El Muhki, felt very pleased with themselves due to the huge amount of loot liberated and the casualties they inflicted on the Europeans.

The only disappointment in the game was that Crixus and Spartacus were not fed into the affray.

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