Assault on the Summit

The Germans Scout unit fires on the flank of the retreating warriors as the Marines push them back. The Warrior casualties mount.

Kurtz's command is falling back across the board. The lack of co-ordination and inability of Kurtz to find a weak spot and exploit it begins to have a demoralizing effect on the natives.

Appreciating the effectiveness of his advance, the German commander even allows his unreliable levy to press forward.

Kurtz has little left in his arsenal. Spread to thinly and with little depth, his ambushes sprung his last remaining hope is to inflict sufficient casualties with his artillery as the Germans approach the summit.

Kurtz's Artillery Awaits the Final Assault
The Players
The Native Player
The German Player
The End?
The Germans barely got into range of Kurtz's artillery and provided little target opportunities. Continuing to snipe at the few remaining natives with rifle fire.

Kurtz uses his 4 rounds to little effect, not waiting for the final assault, fearing that to do so will see his gunners picked off one by one by the withering rifle fire. 

The Germans bring up their heavy fire power and line up ready for the final assault. Kurtz does not wait around to find out how good German bayonets are.

Kurtz withdraws from the hill and pulls out.

With dozens of his best warriors dead, and only two German askaris killed and a few more wounded, this is a great victory for Germany. The Kaiser's place in the sun is one step closer.

But this seems unlikely to be the last we will hear from Kurtz