Setting the Scene

This is a small game played on a 6 ft x 4 ft table. There is a hill rising gently to one end of the board, getting a little steeper towards the top. There are some linear obstacles spaced at intervals towards the top. These are lines of rocks and thickets that provide cover for troops.

There are various clumps of thick vegetation and large boulders that break up the terrain that require circumventing by troops. All linear obstacles that are un defended require 6" to cross. If less than 6 is rolled on movement, then the obstacle can not crossed, and a fresh attempt must be made next turn.

At the base of the hill is the village taken over by Kurtz.

Sunrise: Baweeko, former chief.

Hearing of the approach of the Germans, the former chief of the village defects from Kurtz's command and allies himself with the Germans, along with his bodyguard to liberate his village from the clutch of the crazed white savage.


The chiefs brother, Dameeko, has become a loyal henchman of Kurtz and leads a fanatical band of warriors in his name. His war banner is the "head" of the last christian who happens along and tries to tell them how they should lead their lives.

These spear armed warriors fight as fanatics and have a higher morale in battle then others from the renegade army who have become soft, using weapons that kill from a distance.

It will be best to group these spear armed units, along with the Amazon warriors, into a large a body as men as possible. When charging the heavily armed Europeans, their only tactic, the more units grouped together, the more chance there is that at least one of them will get through and close to contact.

Keep these units out of sight until the last moment. Trey to screen them with musketeers who can fall back through them.

Battle Commences

The Germans set up at the lower end of the hill, as can be scene here. The Askaris were split into two sections on each flank. The Marines were used in the center right and held back slightly. The scouts moved up the center, while the Chief Baweeko, considered unreliable, was left to bring up the rear center left. The machine gun section was interspersed with  he leftmost Askari unit.

The Imperial Steamroller started it's ascent of the hill. 

No sooner had the Germans advanced from the village, when a unit of Dameeko's fanatic hoard burst out of its cover and headed right toward the German machine-gun section on the left flank. Kurtz had split up his units, rather than concentrate the, in the hope of causing damage equally across the German front.

The hoard had a quite a bit of ground to cover which was well protected by the two machine guns and Askari rifle section. The Maxim guns took up a nice steady chatter, only expending 10 bursts each, while the Askari support emptied their magazines in the charge. Four warriors of the hoard stayed behind the cover, the ambush had sprung from. Only the units leader made it alive to the German front. He bravely charged home against one of the gunners, but was easily tackled and put to flight. He ran back to his stragglers, the 5 of them scrambling back through the thicket with a hard earned lesson of the power of Mr. Maxim.

In the center left, the second section on that flank advance up through the upper huts of the village. Having seen the charge to the section to the left, but not having the benefit of the machine guns as they do, this section under the command of its German officer closed up into two ranks close order to give it self maximum hand to hand benefit in the face of a charge. 

Over on the right flank, the Askari spread out into a long skirmish line and started up through he bush. They started receiving considerable musket fire from up the hill and took quite a few wounded casualties, but no fatalities.

The returned a heavy volume of fire and the native unit in the shrub line ahead of them is forced to pull back with heavy casualties.

I feel I should take a brief pause from the combat here to draw your attention to the greenery in the picture to the right here. These beautiful clumps of foliage were crafted by fellow colonial gamer Daryl Nichols from aquarium "plantastic" plastic plants. They are arranged on their own bases. Thank you Daryl.

Back over in the center, the Askari unit slowed up due to going into close order and was passed through by the levies whou fanned out in skirmish order up the center. The Marines advanced up between these and the Askari unison the right.

As the native levy advance up, the Amazons, sensing an easy prey emerge from their hiding place and prepare to charge the levy. The are spotted by the close order Askari unit on the left center who pour heavy fire into the Amazons, killing their leader. Shocked by their leaders death, they are unable to initiate their charge, and the levy wisely fall back behind the Askari.

Over the next several minutes the Amazons take more and more casualties until they are forced to fall back, never being able to initiate their charge. 

The Marines, meanwhile advance strongly up the center, the scouts ahead of them spring an ambush which charges down on the

Marines but is quickly seen off with heavy fire  from the superior training of the Germans. The Askaris on the right flank continue to push back the stiff resistance of the musketeers ahead of them, but still do not take any fatalities.

As the spear unit in the center is pushed back, the Marines pull to the rear of the left most Askari unit on the right flank and provide rear support. The MG team on the right meanwhile has come across a line of musket armed warriors in the bush line and is poring a heavy stream of lead into them, pushing them back also.