The Real World of
The Red Shadow

Articles and information pertaining to French Colonial Africa, of interest to the wargamer and casual historian.

Visit the uniform plates section for information on uniforms. See also, the descriptions of uniforms in the following articles as noted. Photographs of miniatures in The Cast section may also serve as painting guides.

Resistance in the Desert Military History of South Eastern Morocco 1900
A look at the invasion of the Tidikelt region of South Eastern Morocco, the forces used by the French and the Arab and Berber resistance. An examination of the forces involved, their organization, tactics and organization. Descriptions of weapons and uniforms.

Firepower in the Desert. An extract from the above article, referring to firearm use of the Arab and Berber tribes of the region.

Treaties & Documents
Texts of Various documents and treaties between the European powers concerning Africa

SPANISH INTERESTS IN MOROCCO by George Frederick Andrews, membre de L’Institut de Carthage. A contemporary look at Spain's interest in Morocco at the turn of the 20th century.

From the American Political Science Revie Vol 5 No. 4 November 1911  pp 553 - 565

A Place in the Sun, Interesting transcript of the Kaisers speech with reference to his "Place in the Sun"
Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany: Speech to the North German Regatta Association, 1901