The Red Shadow's 
Market Place.
Basket Merchant:

This little vignette was put together fairly easily. The base is a small oval piece of styrene sheeting. It was flocked with Woodlands Scenic earth blend, which is what my game table is flocked with. The baskets are little wooden beads from the bead store (craft store) and are used exactly as is, right out of the packet. The pots are also 

beads, stone ones I believe. All are stacked up and secured in place with super glue. The rugs are printed from the computer. I did a search under Moroccan Rugs, and found a retailer in New York who had photographs and little images of all his rugs that were for sale. They were just printed as is. Use a few to drape over walls and from roofs, drying in the sun. Note that this perspective is not enjoyed while gaming, so don't be too concerned about the inside of the roll appearing white, because it cant be seen from the usual aerial view.

The chest is a lead casting from Ral Partha I think, it was in the fantasy section. I also found a neat bunch of boxes and chest from Riveresco that was a "load" from a Ford T Truck I got from them. They also make the neat figure. He is from the 28 mm Beggars and Thieves pack, but serves equally well as a marketer

Grain Merchant

The lean-to was made from dowel that was carved into rough hewn looking wood. I left the wood natural colored, but it could easily have been painted a weathered color. It was glued into its frame assembly using super glue. I wasn't too concerned about symmetry as the more rickety it looked, the more natural it appeared.

The awning was just drawn in simple basic colors using

Windows Paint, then printed. The underside is plain white but is not seen. It is glued in place with wood glue. While it was drying I put a couple of weights (a lead figure) on each half to cause the awning to sag.

The boxes with integral sacks is a casting  from Hovels, as are the larger rougher looking barrels to the rear. The smoother,  turned wood barrels, are from a model ship supply store I found on the internet, but forget the name of. This is the same Riveresco figure as above.

Rug Merchant

The frame is as above. On this one I used some thread to tie up the frame, after it had dried, to make it look roped. The awning was also made as above but screwed up and smoothed out before attaching. Don't be concerned about  the white showing as it isn't noticed from above, the usual viewing perspective.

The figure is again Riveresco, the rugs are all printed from the internet at a rug stores web-site.

Get Your Printable Moroccan Rugs Here

Dye Works

Battle Scene, at the edge of a market. The wool hanging down off the frame is simply brass wire (from a bead store) wound up and painted red. The frame is made as above, and the cloth is also printed from  "Widows paint brush" as noted above for the awning.

The bucket lying down is from the model ship store as per the barrels noted above.