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About THE most comprehensive list of Napoleonic links I've seen anywhere can be found at Dominic Goh's
Napoleonic Wars - an introduction, links page so scoot over to

The following are some of the sites that I personally frequently visit, they are in no particular order of preference:

Ian Croxall's superb site dealing with flags and standards from a multitude of periods ranging from Medieval to Modern. The original free flag site and the inspiration for this one.

War Flags
WAR FLAGS by Tom Gregg features selections from the authors extensive collection of GIF format flag images.
Flags of the World
FOTW (Flags Of The World) is a site originally established by Giuseppe Bottasini, and devoted to vexillology. Here you can read more than 4200 pages about flags and view more than 8300 images of flags.

Cameran Ashraf's united Napoleonic History Network. Cameran is hosting the site of what he hopes will become a central hub of Napoleonic websites on the Internet.

napoleon series
The ultimate Napoleonic historical site

Histoire et Figurines
This French site contains both historical and wargaming information with english translations.

War Times Journal
A great source of historical and wargaming information. Contains a free set of Napoleonic, WW2 and WW1 miniatures rules.

Eds Hobby Hovel
Contains a wargames opponent finder

The Miniatures Page
Wargamer's magazine with lots of links and a very comprehensive guide to miniatures manufacturers.

Web Grognards
THE site for wargames on the web. Emphasis on boardgames, but other areas covered as well.

History of Uniforms
A vast undertaking by John Stallaert, full of useful information and sources on uniforms of the period.

Intro to Napoleonic Wars
An Introduction to the Napoleonic Wars By Dominic Goh

Napoleonic Forum
My favourite Napoleonic wars discussion forum.

A French site by Jerome Arnaud containing some great artworks of European Coats of Arms.

Danish Military
A Danish site in English by Henrik Schou a really useful source for that hard to find info on Danish troops, their organisation and uniforms.

A German site in English with some excellent artworks (some contemporary) of Polish, Saxon, Prussian and other uniforms of the period.

Over 14,000 articles from 69 magazines are waiting in MagWeb-and the archive grows daily.

The Napoleonic Museum
The Napoleonic Museum by Chris Hunt concentrates mainly on the Kingdom of Italy but has some useful information on Austrian uniforms and flags.

John Stallearts Figure Painting The banner says it all really.

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