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The Kindom of Westphalia

Cavalry Patterns 1808 - 1813

The Westphalian cavalry regiments were issued four basic patterns of standards
M1808, M1812, M1812(garde) and M1813. The hussar regiments were issued with what appears to have been their own unique variant of the M1808 pattern. These standards were all 60 cm square, fringed and affixed to blue staves with gilt(garde) and white metal(line) spear-shaped finials.

Note: The only difference between the M1808 and M1812 line cavalry standards was the change from french to german inscriptions which is indistinguishable at the scale for which this artwork is designed.
Westphalian Cavalry 1808-1813 Guards Regiments
Line Regiments
M1808, M1812
Guard Regiments
1st Hussars
2nd Hussars
Line Cavalry Regiments

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