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The Kindom of Westphalia

1808-1812 Garde Infantry Patterns

The Grenadiers-Gardes and Jäger-Gardes received their flags on 1st July 1808. These were the same size and general design as those issued to the Line regiments. The inscriptions were , of course, different and the corner wreaths were of a slightly different pattern and were empty. The staves of the Garde battalions were white and the spear-shaped finial was gilt and bore the monogram of the King. On 19th May 1811 the Jäger-Carabinier-d'Elite received a standard of the Line infantry 1810 pattern, with the necessary difference to the inscription on the obverse.

Westfalia Guard Infantry Flags 1808

Grenadier-Garde Bataillon

Jäger-Garde Bataillon

Jäger-Carabinier d'Elite

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