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Post 1806 Pattern Infantry Flags

By the time of the 'War of Liberation' in 1813, the Prussian Regular Infantry consisted of two regiments of Garde-zu-Fuss, eleven regiments of line infantry and six independent grenadier battalions besides various light infantry formations that did not carry flags. The Garde and Line regiments each contained two musketeer battalions which carried one standard each. The standards were a mixture of re-issued pre 1806 pattern standards measuring 140cm on the stave by 120cm in the fly and the new pattern standards (m1808) measuring approx 140cm square. In June 1813 the Garde-zu-Fuss was removed from the line numbering system ( it had occupied position 8 ) and the line regiments No's 9 - 12 moved up to become No's 8 - 11. The 2nd Brandenburg regiment was raised to fill position No 12 and was issued with standards in 1815. The twelve reserve regiments were renumbered into the line as No 13 upwards and were issued standards at the same time as the new No 12. As these events occurred after the battle of Waterloo they fall outside of the scope of this site. Both of the Garde IR Fusilier battalions were presented with standards at Potsdam on 28th September 1814. Flag staffs of varying colours were employed by the individual battalions and a listing of these colours accompanies each flag sheet. Please select from the links listed below.

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