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The Principalities of Nassau

Nassau Infantry 1808 - 1815
The states of Nassau-Usingen and Nassau-Weilburg joined the Confederation of the Rhine in 1806 and, together with Hohenzollern, Salm, Isenburg, Liechtenstein, Leyen and Aremburg, supplied a brigade of four battalions to the Confederation forces. In 1809 the battalions were re-organised into the 2nd (1st Nassau) and 3rd (2nd Nassau) Confederation regiments, each of two battalions. Up until 1813 these four battalions all carried identical standards measuring 100 x 90 cm on a brown staff topped by a gilt spear point and gold cords and tassels. In November 1813 Nassau joined the Allies against Napoleon and the 2nd regiment went over to the British on 10th December. This regiment was repatriated to Nassau with its colours. On 22nd December the 1st regiment was disarmed and interned in Spain by the French. For the 1814 campaigns with the Allies Nassau raised a 3rd Infantry regiment, a Landwehr regiment, a Jager corps and 29 battalions of Landsturm. The flags carried by the 3rd regiment appear also to have been of the old 1806 pattern. The Landsturm battalions carried flags of the type illustrated here on spiral painted staves of blue and dark yellow with gilt spear points. That illustrated is for the Idstein Wehen Battalion, other battalions would have their own unit name in the central wreath of the reverse. However, unfortunately I do not have a record of all the units names, neither do I have any information regarding flags carried by the Landwehr regiment. In 1815 Nassau contributed two infantry regiments, each of two Line and one Landwehr battalions. The 2nd regiment certainly carried the 1806 pattern flag during the Waterloo campaign, however it is not known if the other regiments carried flags or of what pattern.
Top: 1806-1815 Line Infantry Pattern
Bottom: 1814-1815 Landsturm Pattern


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