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The Duchies of Mecklenburg

Mecklenburg Infantry 1808 - 1813
The Duchies of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Strelitz joined the Confederation of the Rhine in April 1808 and together formed the 7th Infantry Regiment of the Confederation. The two battalions of this regiment were each issued with a standard of a design that dated from 1797. The flags were identical except that the field of that of the first battalion was white, whilst that of the second battalion was blue. In 1810 a Grenadier-Garde battalion was raised and was presented with a similar standard. The flags were 90cm x 110cm and were carried on a red-painted wooden stave with a gilt spear-shaped finial. The Line infantry regiment was destroyed during the 1812 campaign, the garde battalion defected to the Allies in 1813. New units were raised for service with the Allies in 1813-14, unfortunately I have found no information as to what flags if any were carried by the new units.
Top: 1st Line Battalion
Middle: 2nd Line Battalion
Bottom: Grenadier-Garde Battalion


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