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The Principalities of Lippe

Lippe Infantry 1812 - 1815
The Principality of Lippe-Detmold together with the countship of Schaumburg-Lippe joined the Confederation of the Rhine in 1807. Between them they provided one infantry battalion ( 2nd ) to the 5th Confederation Regiment . This unit was issued with a flag in 1812 which measured 105cm x 100cm on a white flagstaff 265cm long, topped by a gilt spear-shaped finial. In 1813 the Lippe Principalities joined the Allies and together with the Principality of Waldeck raised two new infantry battalions, one regular and one landwehr for service with the Allies. Flags were issued to these two battalions in 1814. Unfortunately I have no information as to the dimensions of these new flags. I have used 150cm x 132cm.
Top: 5th Confederation Regt. 1812 Pattern
Middle: Regular Battalion 1814 Pattern
Bottom: Landwehr Battalion 1814 Pattern


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