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The Netherlands

In 1795 the Dutch infantry was organised into half-brigades on the French model. Each half-brigade contained three battalions. Colours of the 1795 pattern were presented to the seven half-brigades between September 1795 and March 1796. I have been unable to ascertain the exact dimensions for the Dutch infantry flags so I have opted for 140cm square for all. The Amsterdam collection contains two battalion flags dated 1799-1806 of a completely different design from the 1795 pattern. It is unknown which units were issued with this pattern, or indeed if they were ever issued. A new 1802 pattern flag was issued to all units begining in May of that year. In 1805 a battalion of Grenadiers of the Guard of the Council was raised, this unit received two standards that were an elaboration of the 1802 line infantry pattern. In 1806 Holland became a Kingdom and at this time the Dutch infantry was organised into nine regiments (1st regiment Guards) and two light regiments all of two battalion strength. New standards measuring 80cm square were presented to the battalions between February and March 1807. On July 9th 1810 Holland was absorbed into France and the regiments were assimilated into the French army, French 1804 pattern flags were issued to all of the ex-Dutch regiments. In 1815 the Regiments of the United Provinces appear to have carried flags of the pattern illustrated below, however there is some evidence that this pattern of flags was not in fact issued until around 1820. The facings of all regular infantry regiments were white, those of the militia were orange and those of the jagers yellow. It is thought that the flags were of the facing colour with a central device and wreath. Some units may also have had the outer border of leaves, although which unit had which pattern is uncertain. The Dutch army museum at Leyden also shows a jager flag as illustrated at bottom left. I have opted for dimensions of 140 x 115cm for these c.1815 designs which 'looks' right.

Batavian Republic Infantry 1795 - 1802

DutchInfantry 1795

Batavian Republic Infantry 1799 - 1806

Dutch Infantry 1799

Batavian Republic Infantry 1802 - 1806

Dutch Infantry 1802

Kingdom of Holland Infantry 1806 - 1810

Dutch Infantry 1806

United Provinces Infantry 1815

Dutch Infantry 1815

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