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The Hanseatic States

Hanseatic Legion Infantry 1813 - 1815
Prior to 1810 the Hanse cities of Hamburg, Lübeck and Bremen maintained only small units of troops for their own internal security. Unfortunately no details of flags that may have been carried during this period are available. In 1810 the cities were annexed to Metropolitan France and troops from the cities were incorporated in the French 127th - 129th regiments. These units were issued with the normal French line infantry pattern flags. In 1813 the Cities were liberated by the Allies and together raised the Hanseatic Legion for service with the Allies. The Legion reached a total of four infantry battalions, two from Hamburg and one each from Lübeck and Bremen. A third flag of the Hamburg type was carried by the Hamburg Burghergarde - a city defence force, this differed from the flag of the regulars only in that the key in the central device was silver. The Hamburg flag was 100cm square as was that of Bremen, the dimensions of the Lübeck flag are unknown so I have adopted 100cm x 112cm which 'looks' right compared to the source sketches.
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Hamburg Contingent Regular Battalions
Hamburg Contingent Burghergarde
Lübeck Contingent
Bremen Contingent

Hanseatic League

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