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Imperial Guard Infantry

1st Army Corps Infantry & Cavalry

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4th Army Corps Infantry & Cavalry

6th Army Corps Infantry

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2nd Cavalry Corps

3rd Cavalry Corps

4th Cavalry Corps

Porte-aigle 1815 In 1815 after Napoleons return the Regiments received new flags and eagles at a rate of one per Regiment. The flags now measured 120cm square and were of a much more simple design. Sources vary as to whether the French 1815 pattern flags possessed a fringe. Most regiments displayed the same battle honours as for the 1812 pattern and the gold-embroidered tricolour cravat was still attached immediately below the eagle.

Lieutenant Porte-aigle 25th Line Regiment 1815.

Top: Fringed design Infantry
Bottom: Fringed design Cavalry

Infantry Flag with fringe

Infantry Flag with fringe

I have decided to reproduce just the flags of those regiments that formed the French Army of the North and participated in the Waterloo campaign. In order to speed up access and downloading I have arranged the flags sheets one per Corps. As I have stated, sources vary as to whether the French 1815 pattern flags were fringed. Personally I prefer the flags without fringes, but for those who disagree with me I have provided the blank fringed flag above - so with a little cutting and pasting.......

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