War of the Spanish Succession


There were two flags for each battalion, the regimental color and the Colonel's color (Leibfahnen). I have found very little other than cursory descriptions for the Leibfahnenen. The majority of those shown are speculative based on some of those descriptions. 

If you run out of flags (Bavarian Regiments had up tp three batalions) you wont go far wrong by duplicating the flags for Spielberg and Leibregiment (Checker Design)

Flags were in approximately 2 meters square.


Bavarian Infantry

Plate 1
Leibregiment and Colonels Color
Leibregiment (Senior Line Coy.) and Colonels.
Kurprinz and Colonels.
Massei and Colonels .

Plate 2
Schellenberg. (Speilberg) / D'Octfort / Tattenbach and Colonels.
Bettendorf and Colonels.
Colonel de la Colinnies French Volunteers and Colonels.
Lutzenberg and Colonels.

 Bavarian Cavalry

Plate 3
Horse Guard Grenadier Guidon

Plate 4
Guard Carabinier Squadron

Plate 5
Wolframsdorf (and possibly other Cuirassier) Squadron

Plate 6
Cuirassier Squadrons