Russia 1803 Pattern

These flags are about 20% oversized.
Print at 80% for accurate scaling for 28 mm figures.

Although there was a brief transisionary design, very similar to this one. The 1803 pattern was the next major change. A system of inspections was introduced and each inspection carried the flags noted. The regiments within the inspections were identified by the color of their staffs. In 1807 the Inspections were abolished and the Army reverted back to the system of Divisions. All the old flags cintinued in service, even the 1797 pattern. HTere was no organized contol over flags and the system was quite disorganized.

Each Regiment carried 2 colored flags (right) except the first regiment that carried one white and one colored. The regiments were identified by the colr of the staves.

1st Regt. White
2nd Regt. Pale Yellow
3rd Regt. Coffee Brown
4th Regt. Black

In 1809 onwards this was changed to
1st and 4th Yellow
2nd and 5th Black
3rd White.