Medieval Burgundy

A beautiful set of flags from Christopher Reynier

Christopher is from Monaco, but now lives in Paris.

"I'm playing in 15mm at DBM (late european medieval) and POW (18th and late 19th). In 25mm I would like to play african colonial (as I saw on your site) but there's no player in Paris).

Êtes-vous à Paris ?
Êtes-vous intéressé par le jeu Afrique coloniale ?
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Plate 1
Plate 2
Companies d'ordonnances
Plate 3a - 3e
Plate 4
flag of Chateau-Guyon 
Plate 5
Flag of a guild (colors are speculative) 
Plate 6
Jean de Luxembourg, the man who sold Joan of Arc to the English 
Plate 7
Marshal of Burgundy under Duke John the Fearless
Plate 8
Jacques de Savoie, count of Romont 
Plate 9
Jean de Vergy, Marshal of Burgundy under Philip the Good