Maximillian Adventure

This wonderful set of hi quality hi resolution images is from Tim Peterson

Each image is displayed quite a bit smaller than it actually is. Copy the image to your hard drive before printing so that you get the full resolution image.

Plate 6 & 7
Cavalry Pennons & Guidons. Imperial cavalry used swallow-tailed guidons & standards, based on the Mexican colours. Lance pennons would likely have been simple tricolours, while unit standards would have borne the eagle, and most likely, unit titles as well. 

Plate 8
Hungarian Hussars. This is the guidon carried by the Hungarian cavalry in Mexican service. The colours are not in fact Mexican, it is merely a swallow-tailed version of the Hungarian flag. 

Plate 9
French Infantry. This a French Foreign Legion flag: Infantry units would have their own unit title on the obverse, with unit mottos or battle honours on the reverse. Cavalry standards were similar, but smaller. 

Plate 10
Republican Infantry. This is merely the Mexican National flag with military titles added. There were many variations on the Eagle and title styles. 



 Plate 6
Plate 7
Plate 8