Blenheim 2004
Wargaming the 300th Year Anniversary 

Maximillian II Emanuel, Elector of Bavaria
and the Franco Bavarian Left Flank

Photographs Page 2

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The Army of Prince Maximilian II Emanuel Wittelsbach
Elector of Bavaria 

The shot above shows the 12 battalions of Bavarian Infantry, with artillery deployed ahead of them. The figures are a mixture of Old Glory, Bloodaxe and Irregular.

This game was laid out as a play test and the terrain is unfinished. You will notice that the roads are flocked to show wheel ruts. The brook section will also be sprayed and flocked when it is completed.

This  is a close up of an Bavarian artillery piece. You can see an ammunition case in the foreground used as a disorder marker.  The hoard advancing form the distance are the two lines of Prussian infantry.
Here we see a 2 regiments of Bavarian horse. The guard regiment to the right was only one squadron sized company at Blenheim, but as the Cuirassiers to their left should be 6 squadrons, instead of 4, I elected to use the other 2 squadrons of Guards that I had. One of the few and small pieces of artistic license we can take as wargamers.
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