Blenheim 2004
Wargaming the 300th Year Anniversary 

Maximillian II Emanuel, Elector of Bavaria
and the Franco Bavarian Left Flank

Photographs Page 1

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The Army of Prince Maximilian II Emanuel Wittelsbach
Elector of Bavaria 

The shot above shows battalions 2 and 3 of the Regiment Dauphin in the woods on the extreme left. The nearest battalion are out of production Bloodaxe miniatures, and the further one is Old Glory. The artillery piece center shot is a Foundry medium gun model (OOP), with Foundry and Bloodaxe (also OOP) gunners.

Advancing in the distance are the two lines of the Danish infantry.

This  shot shows the above scene from the opposite direction above the Danes. 1st and 2nd Dauphin can be clearly seen. The units in the second line are stand-ins as the correct regiments from these have been completed by another gamer and not yet available for photographing.
Here we see a close up of one of the gun positions facing the Danes, with 1st battalion Nettancourt behind the gunners left. On the ground next to the artillery piece, you can see one of the markers we use to denote disorder.
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