Blenheim 2004
Wargaming the 300th Year Anniversary 

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War of the Spanish Succession

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 Testing our rules - a fictitious battle in Bavaria

Download the Rules. 

These are the complete rules. They are in a ZIP format of 1.22 MB
They consist of the core rules and 4 quick reference sheets.

Please Note: If you are looking for tactical rules for 2 player games then Blenheim_2004 will probably not be to your taste. This set of rules is geared for playing large to very large battles such as Friedlingen, Speyerbach, 1st Hochstedt, Schellenberg, Blenheim, Ramillies, Oudenarde and Malplaquet down to the battalion and squadron level - these being the smallest tactical element They are designed for multiplayer (8 or more) and the command and control is aimed at using a separate player for the commander-in-chief and a separate player for each division.

The rules are very suitable for convention games where fast play in large battles is needed. They are easy to teach and easy to learn.

The main QRS's are sheet 1 & sheet. These are the main sheets used in the game and most players will have them as a copy. The only players that will refer to the Town Assault QRS will be those commanders attacking or defending towns or villages.

Download the Rules.

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