WSS Campaign
Turn Four
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Captain General John Churchill, the Duke of Marlborough.
Prince François  Eugène of Savoy 
Camille d'Hostun de la Baume, Duc de Tallard, Marshall of France
Prince Maximilian II Emanuel Wittelsbach
Elector of Bavaria
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VILLARS: Marches south and and rendezvous with Marshall Marsin. Both attempt to intercept Baden who is marching east towards Stuttgart. Marsin, unable to keep up falls behind, but outnumbering Baden, Villars presses on and catches Baden. Baden puts up a valiant defense and thoroughly crushes Baden's army who flees south in rout. Villars pursues for 20 miles. Villars captures Baden's siege trine and bridging train as well as most of Baden's guns.

MARSIN: Marsin merges with Villars for a few miles where his men are well bolstered by the arrival of new troops. Marsin attempts to keep up with Villars but is unable to do so. Marsin has outstretched his supply lines but his army is small enough that he is able to subsist from foraging.

TALLARD: Tallard's run of good fortune has come to a temporary halt in Munich. Trying desperately to join the Elector in Passau, Tallard was unable to get any of his forces moving and they remain in Munich.

THE ELECTOR: The Elector sits at Passau awaiting the arrival of Tallard - who does not join him. Having left the heart of Bavaria, the Elector must now be concerned that Marlborough who has arrived in Bavaria will lay waste to his land.

MARLBOROUGH: Marlborough and Eugene enter northern Bavaria which has been conveniently vacated by the Elector.

EUGENE: Marlborough and Eugene enter northern Bavaria which has been conveniently vacated by the Elector.

BADEN: Attempting to out-run the French to Stuttgart, Baden was caught and engaged by Villars where he suffered a devastating defeat. Baden's army has fled south to Swabia and is demoralized.. 

ANHALT DESSAU: Dessau's army remains camped close to Nuremberg.

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