WSS Campaign
Turn One
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Captain General John Churchill, the Duke of Marlborough.
Prince François  Eugène of Savoy 
Camille d'Hostun de la Baume, Duc de Tallard, Marshall of France
Prince Maximilian II Emanuel Wittelsbach
Elector of Bavaria
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VILLARS: The siege of Frankenthal succeeded after only a week, the garrison unenthused by the lack of apparent relief from the allies. Villars quickly crossed the Rhine and proceeded through Mannheim. Anhalt Dessau, was quickly moving up but was unable to arrive at Mannheim before Villars. The both armies sought open engagement, and Villars was successful. Anhalt Dessau retreated in some order, successfully disengaging and crossing the river Neckar.

Both armies are disordered. SEE FULL REPORT - Battle of Mannheim.

MARSIN: Marsin moved south towards Weissenburg. Receiving reports that Marlborough and Eugene had crossed the Rhine there. Marsin sought several places for a defense and decided to anchor a flank of the fortress and prepared filed fortification. Marlborough and Eugene met Marsin and decisively routed the French with the virtual destruction of Marsin's army. The remnants of this army are fleeing north.  SEE FULL REPORT - Battle of Weissenburg.

TALLARD: Moved towards Villingen where he found and destroyed Baden's magazine. Detaching a unit towards the Rhine, Tallard advance down the south bank of the Danube in an attempt to link up with the Elector.

THE ELECTOR: Has not ventured out of Bavaria and is digging in.

MARLBOROUGH: Out of supply, Marlborough was forced to link up with Eugene, and with him crossed the Rhine at Weissenburg where they routed the French army of Marsin. SEE FULL REPORT - Battle of Weissenburg. Marlborough's army, although victorious is now disordered and dispersed. Additionally, because of the arrival of the unsupplied Baden, all three armies begin turn 3 under-supplied.

EUGENE: Leaving Baden's army to move south to his supplies, Eugene and Marlborough crossed the Rhine at Rastaat and routed the French Army of Marsin at Weissenburg SEE FULL REPORT - Battle of Weissenburg.  Although victorious, Baden found his supply magazine occupied and in destruction, so returned to Eugene, causing all three armies to have supply shortages.

BADEN: Moved south to fall back on his supplies. He detached a large cavalry force, which found Villingen (and their supplies) in flames. The Cavalry force returned to Baden who, out of supply, joined Eugene and Marlborough at Weissenburg. Three armies and one supply column has created a serious supply shortage for the allies.

ANHALT DESSAU: Moving to intercept Villars at Mannheim, Dessau engaged Villars in open battle and suffered a defeat without much loss. He has withdrawn in disorder across the Neckar River SEE FULL REPORT - Battle of Mannheim.

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