WSS Campaign
Turn One
Battle of Worms
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Captain General John Churchill, the Duke of Marlborough.
Prince François  Eugène of Savoy 
Camille d'Hostun de la Baume, Duc de Tallard, Marshall of France
Prince Maximilian II Emanuel Wittelsbach
Elector of Bavaria
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Battle of Worms

The Battle for Worms

The Army of Marshall Marsin fell on the town of Worms - Stubbornly defended by four battalions of confederates  - half of whom were English, and two battalions of Militia.

Here we see the Irish Brigade advancing with Worms in the background.


The French concentrated their horse against eight squadrons - a mere 1000 English and Hanoverian troopers.  The allies defended valiantly but were ultimately routed. Being able to get back into Worms saved them from annihilation. They lost 250 men in the combat - the French losing 17 troopers.

This is a view from behind the Allied few - with a view to the advancing cavalry.


Dismounted Dragoons under the Marquis du Legall moved around the confederate right, but were stopped dead in their tracks by the Worms Militia and the Hanoverian Guard who came to their aide.

This manoeuvre did however prevent the Guard regiment from reinforcing the front of the town where it was sorely needed.


The main French assault was headed by the Irish brigade which stubbornly bludgeoned its way into the town in complete disregard to its own tremendous casualties - Dorrington alone taking losing 200 men. 

The French artillery was brought into point blank range where it too pounded the thinly spread confederates.

The allies could not hold under the great weight of French and Irish pressing in on them and they fled for the bridge.

In the subsequent rout - a further 500 allies were killed or captured.

The remnants of the allied detachment made their way back to Marlborough's Army.

Allied Losses
2,225 men
500 horse
4 light guns

French Losses
500 men
17 Horse
1 light gun.

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