WSS Campaign
Turn One
Battle of The Passes
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Captain General John Churchill, the Duke of Marlborough.
Prince François  Eugène of Savoy 
Camille d'Hostun de la Baume, Duc de Tallard, Marshall of France
Prince Maximilian II Emanuel Wittelsbach
Elector of Bavaria
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Battle of The Passes

The Battle of The Passes

Baden deployed his forces across the front of the passes with the intent of swiftly advancing against the emerging French to prevent them from deploying onto the plain.

The plan was stalled by the French who brought their entire force down their left pass - and emerged with a strong infantry division that immediately fell on the village ahead of them defended by Baden's Prussian Meith troops.

Baden refused to accept that the French would not emerge out of the other pass and would not move his left flank until he had sent a strong scouting force into the pass to determine that the French were in fact not using that route. 

Baden did however advance his Prussian Division fast towards the French with the intent of bottling them up in the pass and preventing them from deploying their cavalry.

Here they can bee seen being supported by two Militia battalions in the second line.

The plan was good, but the Prussians were slowly pushed back towards the village, This allowed Tallard to deploy his cavalry into the battle and they engaged with the Imperial's Right horse and a savage cavalry battle ensued in which the Gendarmerie were badly mauled. 

The pressure was too great- and despite taking equal losses with the French, The Prussian division broke. They had no reserve, whereas the French. who had concentrated on the one flak had a fresh division to bring in.

Making it over from their left - in the nick of time to prevent an utter rout, the French are delayed by the converged Grenadier battalions of Swabia and Franconia. In an attempt to damage the enemy infantry, Baden brought up his siege artillery and deployed the heavy guns to the left of the village - but at this point, while the reinforcement s from the left flank were still making their way across the battle field - Baden felt his position was untenable.

Baden held on for a short while but then began to extricate himself from the field. The French cavalry followed up a short while but were themselves exhausted from combat. They did capture some of Baden's siege guns which were unable to withdraw in time.

Tactically, the battle was a Phyrric victory for the French- but an damaging strategic failure for the Imperials

Allied Losses
1,875 foot
1250 horse
4 light guns
4 Medium Guns
12 Heavy Siege Guns

French Losses
2000 men
625 Horse
4 light gun.
2 medium guns

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