Warflag Sponsors.

Warflag is expensive to run.

We are a non profit service for Wargamers. All of the flags on this site are contributed by wargamers willing to share their talent with you for no fee.

It costs money to provide the web service and domain name and a provider capable of providing the bandwidth necessary for viewers to down load hundreds of thousands of large files per month.

This is made possible by the sponsorship of a few advertisers selling quality products and services to you, the wargamer. 

At the top of each page (except this one) a random banner from one of our sponsors (who are all listed on this page) will be diaplayed that will link you to their sites.

By clicking on their banners, going to their sites, you will be supporting them and Warflag, and keeping going the hobby of Wargaming and therefore benefiting yourself.